Real Estate - Any transaction  in Southern California involves major business decisions.  Careful planning can save the client virtually millions of dollars in taxes and unnecessary expenses.  See examples of recent transactions on this page. 

Business - Mr. Shapiro understands that businesses need cost-effective legal solutions.  While analyzing transactions, he focuses on high risk areas and does not "over lawyer" low risk issues.  

Land Use / Litigation- Mr. Shapiro's suit on behalf of homeowners in Studio City resulted in the downzoning of Ventura Blvd. from Universal City through Woodland Hills. Previously zoned unlimited high rise, Mr. Shapiro's suit resulted in 3 - 6 story height limits for the entirety of Ventura Blvd.                                                

Mr. Shapiro successfully represented MCA against Disney when Disney proposed a major theme park in downtown Burbank. Ikea now occupies the space.  


Litigation - Mr. Shapiro has litigated hundreds of cases.    He emphasizes early analysis of critical tension points and focuses attention on those points to effect a quick and efficient resolution of the dispute.  

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Example No. 2

A client was well into retirement age.  His home was valued at $3,000,000, but had a $1,000,000 mortgage. After paying $900,000 in taxes,  he could look to an income of only $40,000 per year without invading principal.  The client wanted to make a major charitable gift of part of his estate.  A transaction was designed to donate the home to a charity.  In exchange the client would receive an annual payment of  $240,000 for life, as well as an immediate tax deduction of $700,000.  

 Recent Transactions

Example No. 1
A client's business was failing as a result of the Great Recession. He refinanced his real estate to cover business losses.  When the loans came due, a sale of the property would result in over $1,000,000 in capital gains taxes, and an income of only $30,000 per year without invading principal.  Mr. Shapiro structured a lease / option transaction with the buyer, increasing the client's income to over $175,000 per year with inflation protection and without invading principal.  An ancillary benefit of the transaction's structure was that when the property sold, no capital gains taxes were incurred.